Our aims

At Marsh Green we aim to support and encourage the children we look after to develop and grow in confidence in readiness for their transition to primary school. We encourage children to express their ideas and feelings through working and concentrating independently and also to take part in group activities. They learn about sharing and co-operating with other children and adults. Through the activities we provide they learn ways to express themselves, be imaginative, socially interact, explore, experiment and have fun.

Key Person

We operate a key person system which gives each member of staff a particular responsibility for just a few children. This means that each small group of children has one special adult with whom they can relate and this makes settling in much easier.

The key person also provides a strong link between the pre-school and the child’s home. They hold regular meetings to discuss the child’s progress and development with the parents. This feedback is given in line with the government’s Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage, which sets the standards for children between the ages of birth and five.

These meetings are extremely important to ensure that all children are supported appropriately and information is shared effectively.

Activities and Curriculum

We have a maximum of 24 children per session with four staff. We run an extensive range of activities for the children including:
Role play corners, messy play, small world toys, reading in the book corner, dressing up, painting, making collages, using play dough, puzzles and games, cooking, woodwork, gymnastics, dance, story time, musical instruments, singing, outdoor play and forest school type activities for the older children.

The school is surrounded by fields and in fine weather, the children are taken out for walks and nature trails.

Outside play is closely supervised and is an excellent opportunity for the children to develop their physical skills such as climbing, balancing, movement and play games such as ‘hide and seek’.

Here is a document that will guide you through your child's developmental stages in relation to activities and curriculum we provide here at Marsh Green in partnership with you at home:  4Children_ParentsGuide_Sept_2015v4WEB1

Moving on

At Marsh Green we have developed strong links with all the local primary schools including: Hever, Dormansland, Four Elms, Notre Dame, Edenbridge, Crockham Hill, Chiddingstone, Hartfield, Ide Hill and Lingfield.


Our school is a member of the Pre-School Learning Alliance and is committed to providing equal opportunities for all children and families. We are regulated and inspected by Ofsted and we are a registered charity – No: 1173155