When the children first arrive they can enjoy free-flow play. At about 9.15 am we have a brief circle time, usually outside, when we welcome the children, sing and sign our 'good morning song' and then help them to independently find their name to place on the board.


We offer a wide variety of activities, usually centred on themes which cover the objectives of the Early Learning Goals and much of the work that the children do relates to this. The children are encouraged to express their ideas and feelings and to work independently and also within the group.

The children are able to make use of a whole range of activities during this session including:
Looking at books in the library, playing in the home corner, dressing up, painting, making collages, using play dough, puzzles and games, cooking, woodwork, story time, music and singing.


At Marsh Green Pre-school, we like to encourage independence and empower the children to make their own decisions so have therefore implemented a 'Rolling Snack Table' which is available in the morning between 10.15am - 11am.

A staff member prepares a variety of snacks which can include; fruits, vegetable sticks, rice cakes, raisins, breadsticks and other items, along with a choice of water or milk to drink.

Children are then able to come up to the table whenever they like in this timeframe and are encouraged to choose what snacks they would like. They can also help to prepare their choices as well - by chopping up the fruit and selecting what drink they would like. Then they sit down at the table and enjoy their snacks with their friends.

By making these simple decisions, children can build on their confidence and will learn what to do in similar situations outside of the pre-school.

Outside play

The children benefit from a large well equipped area in which to play. There is a wide range of outdoor toys which encourage co-ordination, control and movement. We closely supervise this session and the children enjoy the physical challenges and interaction with each other.

Children have musical movement sessions daily and regular basic gymnastics inside and where possible we take the children out for walks and nature trails in the surrounding fields.

Story time and music

The morning finishes with story time which includes songs and rhyming games – all of which help to form a basis for mathematics and phonics. This session also gives the children the opportunity and encouragement to become familiar with books.

The children join in and respond to the musical stories and there are opportunities for imaginative role play both individually and as part of the group.

Outings, Visits and Events

We try to arrange outings for the children and in the past we have visited local farms, the fire station, walk to the woods and a walking trip around Edenbridge. We have also arranged for members of the local community and/or friends or relatives to visit the children and talk about their jobs ie nurses, vets, farmers.


Once a year the children put on a Christmas play for their parents, in which they all take part. This includes singing songs that they have learnt and playing musical instruments, and given the age of the children involved this is an amazing achievement. At Easter we have an Easter bonnet parade and egg hunt. 

In the summer we have our own Sports Day on the green, to which all parents and grandparents are invited, and this is followed by a barbecue at pre-school.